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Welcome to Austin Heights! 



A community within Coquitlam, located in the southwest area of the city. Austin Heights includes businesses and residences that span along austin Avenue, extending east of Blue Mountain street. The neighborhood is full of hidden gem, "mom and pop" boutique businesses. It also offers countless dining experiences, everything from Tim Hortons to Korean barbeque. Austin Heights also boasts a number of different beauty treatments and professional services, but if a spa day isn't your thing, you can also relax with a cold beer at the local pub, "John B." 




Many outdoor attractions can be found in Austin Heights. Take Mundy park, for example. Located along Austin avenue at Hillcrest street, Mundy park offers walking and running trails, parkland that can be used for sporting leagues and picnics, a view of Lost lake, flourishing forests and baseball fields. There are two trails to choose from, both spanning about 4km around the park. There's ample parking available and a ton of community connection. 



Lost Lake in Mundy Park